Saturday, July 11, 2015


This is my second blog, the first being dedicated to the discussion of climate change, and the Brisbane flood of 2011.  Recently I have been taking an interest in genealogy, and in reminiscing about my youth.  I thought some of that material might be of interest to a few people (mostly in my family) but thought the material unsuitable for the first blog.  Hence this blog.

I do not promise to stick religiously to those to subjects.  I suspect I shall use this blog more freely, branching out into discussion of philosophy, politics and the nature of elves - and indeed, anything that catches my fancy.  Further, unlike my other blog, I shall not strive for great accuracy of presentation.  I will try to avoid errors, but will not let the possibility of error when I am uncertain on an issue prevent publication.  Who knows, that may result in a more than glacial posting rate ;)

Anyway, that is my intention.  We shall see how it develops ...

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